Memories Banquet Hall

Why Memories?

Thank you for serving on the Small Business Committee and for the outstanding menu and service you supplied at the 2008 Small Business Reception. You always do a fantastic job taking care of all the details. It is always a pleasure doing business with you two! Thanks again for everything.


“What separates us from other caterers in town is that we really pay attention to whatever the client wants, whether they're a new bride or a business. We know that this is a very important day for them and we make sure that everything is meticulously arranged in advance so that when they walk in the door, everything is ready to go.” — David Balas, Owner

»Making Memories” (.pdf)The Post Newspapers (March 9, 2008)

»Full-Service Catering at it's Finest”The Wooster, Ohio Community Advocate

Service Policy

Our business is hospitality — on behalf of you and your guests. Through the years, we have received numerous commendations and thank-you letters recognizing our personalized planning service, our flexibility to accommodate special requests, the appeal and abundance of our buffet presentations, and the overall value received for a reasonable price.

When planning your special event, please call us for an appointment, consultation and tour of facilities so that we can customize the plan to your preferences.